West Coast
Lana Del Rey — PLAYED 91,735 TIMES


Lana Del Rey - West Coast

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i may be coming back soon so lets get dinner or something aight? my treat.

oh god i know who this is— um maybe. i hope you’re okay! 

i miss your lips. how you moved your hips with mine. i miss listening you talk about the most random stuff. i miss you reading by the window with your glasses hanging off that cute button nose of yours. i just miss you like crazy baby.



I told Daesung


Why am I sending this though.. ahh : aixjiyong

Opinion on;

Character in general: umf. 
How they play them: original. that’s what i was drawn to. plus same time zones was a fucking cherry on top. but fuck it also shows you how i’m a pussy when it comes to staying up late. ;;  
The Mun: we barely talk but they seem very nice and pretty and overall awesome. 

Do I:

RP with them: they’re married— 
Want to RP with them: nah. jkjk 

What is my;

Overall Opinion: you’re like a potato chip. you’re addictive,come in different flavors,and I always want more. 



Panda did you ever get the nummies I left for you?

YES i got it. I was having some trouble with my computer so i just now got to post it

Have some cookies that look like your people!They approve so it’s okay to eat them!


oh my goodness they’re so cute! yah noona i can’t eat these -whines- 

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Don't You Want Me
Human League — PLAYED 1,675 TIMES


Human League | Don’t You Want Me

Never Gonna Give You Up
Rick Astley — PLAYED 11,753 TIMES


Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

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  • gay boy: hey man you look good today
  • straight boy: oh my god man what the fuck i'm not a faggot, i'm pretty sure this is harassment
  • straight boy: [slaps girls' asses as they walk by] [asks them if they finger themselves] [pleads every girl to have anal sex]
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when u see ur notp on ur dash and ur like


not in my god damn lobby

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Send me a URL and I’ll answer the following;
Opinion on;

Character in general:
How they play them:
The Mun:

Do I:

RP with them:
Want to RP with them:

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty 

"This is a tumblr butt touch. Pass this to at least 10 of your favorite blogs to show them how much you love their butt. Make sure you don’t break the chain or your butt will deflate. Happy tumblr butt touching!(。ˇ ⊖ˇ)♡"

-huffs- noona!